"To fully understand the agronomy issues that you come across on golf courses, and to know exactly how to tackle the problems and get results, it pays to have had hands-on experience as Course Manager combined with the recognised professional qualifications, and  a good track record to boot. I'm pleased to say I can tick all these boxes, having been a Course Manager with PGA tournament experience, a member of RIPTA, and some 15 years experience of consulting to golf clubs. This is a unique selling point and an obvious benefit for my clients " Peter Jones.

As a member of RIPTA (Register of Independent Professional Turfgrass Agronomists) Peter is a qualified and Independent Consultant with full Professional Indemnity. He achieved an MSc. degree at Cranfield University and is also BASIS qualified for the Amenity turf sector.

"After assessing the golf course and the resources available, I will talk to all the relevent people and explain my observations, ideas and proposals of what to do and how to go about it to get the agreed results. And it won't stop there........good advice is only worth taking if people are confident to carry it out, and I know from experience that  this can often require guidance at the critical times of the year. I will therefore follow up on all my advice by calling back to see how things are progressing to ensure the best results. It's all part of  the service and my commitment to achieving results"  PJ