"My first aim as a golf course consultant is to ensure that the quality of the greens meet high, albeit realistic expectations, and the Club benefits from my wealth of experience in raising standards of quality and improved efficiency.

If the greens are good, then everything else will generally fall into place. If the greens are poor, then the business will not be financially sustainable, in my opinion. Of key importance is the need to have the greens in excellent condition early in the year - with the Easter Bank Holiday weekend being the target date.

To acheive good greens early in the spring you need to understand and impliment some important principles, that many Clubs have yet to find out about. Too many greens are left exposed to Fusarium, Anthrocnose, and other disfiguring types of turf disease, often because of misguided concerns about fungicides.

By adopting modern management principles that achieve good greens in March, I have found that our clients have gained a competitive edge in the spring which has brought increased revenue and customer satisfaction. This fact is especially relevant to the Pay and Play sector who rely on green fees, and the ever increasing number of 'nomad' golfers, which now exceeds a million in total. This growing green fee market is one that shouldn't be ignored, whether you are a Pay & Play or a private members club.

I'm proud to say I have a good track record in this field of expertise and will be pleased to explain how I can help, or put you in touch with my existing clients who know the added value that a good consultant can bring to their team." Peter Jones - Principal.